What to Bring

A sample CCI Double


What CCI currently provides in each double room:

  • Two beds: mattress is provided, can be bunked
  • Two large dressers: 5 drawers
  • Two desks
  • Two side tables with three small drawers
  • A chair for each desk
  • Two pairs of hooks to hang coats or towels
  • Some rooms contain a full length mirror
  • Two closets with one rod to hang clothes and a top shelf for storage (1st floor rooms contain 2 shelves)
  • 4 pairs of outlets and 2 Ethernet internet connections
  • Curtains for the windows
  • A central light and switch
  • Two garbage cans
  • Two recycling bins


What you should bring to fit CCI rooms

(bold items are considered “essentials” by most students)


It is usually pretty cold here in Chicago from October till March, so I recommend mostly jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies etc. Bring at least two jackets, one for chilly days and a thick parka for the heart of winter.

Note: in CCI, the heating system can sometimes go overboard, so do keep shorts for those indoor days, working out, and for sleeping. Obviously warm weather clothing is fine for early fall or late spring, so have a few pieces on hand.



  • Gloves, scarves, and hats: needed for winter!
  • A bathrobe: for awkward trips to and from the showers.
  • Professional clothing: good for job interviews or class presentations.
  • Fancy attire: for formals or themed parties, which we have a few times a year



  • Your essentials
  • Rain boots and/or snow boots
  • Dorm shoes: old flip flops are fine
  • Shower shoes: keeps your feet off those suspicious tiles in the shower
  • Professional/fancy shoes: to go with your professional/fancy attire



  • Your essentials
  • Plastic shower caddy: holds your items for easy transport to and from the showers. Get one with drainage holes!!
  • Mini medicine kit and first aid kit: things like Band-Aids, Neosporin, aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, cough drops, cold medicine and other needed medications
  • Towels



  • All-purpose spray
  • Paper towels/Kleenex
  • Air freshener


LAUNDRY: (CCI provides 5 washers and 5 dryers)

  • A hamper: pop-up ones are easy to use
  • Detergent
  • Dryer sheets
  • A small sewing kit: nice idea for random tears and loose buttons



  • Mattress pads: not essential, but suggested so that you’re a bit more comfortable
  • Pillows: (yes, plural!)
  • Bed sheets: need Twin XL size (twin extra long – different from twin) for the mattresses!



  • Your essentials items for classes and studying
  • A planner: although NU might provide you with one
  • A calendar: dry erase is really nice—don’t forget markers!
  • Desk organizers: for neat freaks like me.



  • Computer, printer and cables etc.
  • Cell phone and cables,
  • A clock with an alarm!!
  • Extension cords
  • Ethernet cable* (25 ft. long)
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Flash drive
  • Calculator (for math classes)

*CCI does get wireless, as does the entire campus, but an Ethernet cable is recommended for the random, rare, wireless blips.


  • Desk lamp: The lighting in the rooms is absolutely horrible. Make sure to bring lots of bright lights. Bring a bright desklamp and a bright floorlamp.
  • Pictures/posters and sticky tack: design your room to make it unique!
  • Umbrella
  • Door stop: to hold your door open so people can just stop by
  • Essential paperwork
  • Food, Drinks and utensils (need dishwashing soap and sponge too!)
  • Ziploc bags
  • Storage boxes: under-bed boxes can hold winter gear, clothes, food, or other items not used regularly; if your roommate doesn’t mind, get a 3 drawer cart to stash random items.
  • Wall hooks (the removable kind) for hanging extra items
  • Closet canvas shelves: these hanging shelves clip on to the rod and add more “shelf” space to your closet. You can get the sweater kind or the shoe kind.
  • A whiteboard: for the outside of your door so people can leave you messages!
  • Personal items: athletic equipment, instruments, video games and consoles etc.
  • Fan: if you get hot easily (and the dorms do overheat in the winter a bit), bring a small table fan to stay cool!
  • Bike: it can be used to ride down to south campus and back, but in the snow it is useless. We do have a trunk room to store it if necessary.


THINGS TO COORDINATE WITH ROOMMATE: these are both essentials (again bolded) and nonessentials that you don’t need duplicates of, so contact your roommate to coordinate it with! It is a great way to take the first step to meet each other:

  • Refrigerator
  • A floor lamp (no halogen ones—recommended for more light) This is pretty much necessary, because the overhead lamps are really bad.
  • Rug
  • TV
  • A bookshelf (a bit difficult to fit unless you have a corner room)
  • An extra chair


Things you don’t need!:

  • Items CCI already has in the rooms (see above!)
  • Iron/board: most of your clothing should be comfort wear. If you do need one, you can always borrow.
  • Futon: it really can’t fit in the room unless you cram everything else together so don’t bother.
  • Books: you will get enough reading assigned to keep you busy every minute of your day. Every minute. Any spare time will be used to chat with people, eat, sleep, facebook, or fmylife. Don’t bother with the excess weight.


Things you can’t bring/are illegal:

  • Halogen lamps
  • Microwaves
  • Coffee machines
  • Items that stick to the walls and can’t be removed
  • Bed lofting items
  • Hot water heater (we have hot water taps on each floor!)
  • Christmas lights for decorations
  • Explosives and weapons
  • Animals including fish



Don’t go overboard buying things, because trust us, you won’t really use all of it. The rooms in CCI are some of the largest on campus, but bringing your whole room from home won’t make your living situation here comfortable. Be selective in what you bring, because you can always buy items in Evanston. There are stores like Target, CVS, Jewel-Osco and even Old Orchard Mall within the area to buy any essentials you forgot. Use this guide to coordinate with your roommate and bring what you feel is necessary. Don’t hesitate to email any exec members if you have any questions at all! See you in the fall!

CCI Love,

The Exec.