Residential Colleges

What is a residential college? Daniel Linzer, our Provost, says that

A residential college is a place where you can grow emotionally and intellectually, get to know faculty, and benefit from unique learning and leadership opportunities. It provides a smaller community within the larger University, where you can create a special undergraduate experience. You will be able to interact with students who share interests similar to yours and with a faculty chair and residential college fellows.

Essentially, residential college is much more than a regular dormitory. It is a place where community grows. Northwestern currently has 11 residential colleges.

Each residential college has a College Staff, who’s main role is to provide leadership for CCI, to provide an example of student-faculty interactions aside from within the classroom, and to assist in the leadership of the student government.

Residential Colleges also regularly hold firesides, which are informal tutorials hosted by students, and sometimes staff. Past CCI fireside speakers include Yo Yo Ma (granted he was someone’s uncle), Divya Narendra (you know the guy who SUED facebook), and some famous economists that we forget the names of.

To become a non-resident member of Ayers CCI, fill out a non-residency application form and turn it in to the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives. The form can be found here: We hope you’ll become a part of the CCI family!