“Faculty participation is at the heart of the very existence of residential colleges”

Another great thing about being part of a residential college is the support of faculty, staff, and visiting scholars in addition to the college staff. The faculty associated with CCI serve as “Fellows.” As a residential college, CCI gives students the opportunity to become acquainted with faculty Fellows outside the classroom via firesides held in the dorm or over meals.

List of CCI Fellows

John M. Alongi
Distinguished Senior Lecturer, WCAS Mathematics
E-mail: jalongi@northwestern.edu
Alex Birdwell
Lecturer, MEAS Mechanical Engineering
E-mail: j-birdwell@northwestern.edu
David Chopp
Professor, Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics
E-mail: chopp@northwestern.edu
Mark D’Arienzo
Associate Director, University Housing Administration
E-mail: darienzo@northwestern.edu
Allan Richard Drebin
Professor, Kellog Accounting Information & Management
E-mail: ard@kellogg.northwestern.edu
Jeanne Herrick
Senior Lecturer, Writing Program
E-mail: j-herrick@northwestern.edu
Paul M Hirsch
Professor, Kellogg Management & Organizations
 E-mail: paulhirsch@kellogg.northwestern.edu
Ming-Yang Kao
Professor, McCormick Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
E-mail: kao@northwestern.edu
Sacha Patera
Associate Director, Office of Corporate Relations
E-mail: a-patera@northwestern.edu
Ginger Pennington
Visiting Faculty Member — Business Institutions and Psychology
E-mail: ginger.pennington@northwestern.edu
Fred Northrup
Professor, WCAS Chemistry
Owen Priest
Distinguished Senior Lecturer
E-mail: o-priest@northwestern.edu
Charles W N Thompson
Professor, McCormick Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences
E-mail: c-thompson@northwestern.edu
William “Bill” J. White
Professor, McCormick Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences
E-mail: white@northwestern.edu
Vinzenz Unger
Professor, WCAS Molecular Biosciences
E-mail: v-unger@northwestern.edu
Sandy Zabell
Professor, Mathematics, Statistics
E-mail: zabell@math.northwestern.edu