CCIers Participating in Dance Marathon at Northwestern

CCI regularly sponsors philanthropy outings, allow members to devote their time to help others and to make an impact on the community.

Why should anyone do philanthropy? Participating in CCI philanthropy events not only gives you a chance to give back to your community, but can help you find and make new friends, provide you with new connections, and can even teach you some new interests. Plus, it’s a way for you to earn points, which can help you stay in CCI for the next year! All residents are required to complete at least one philanthropy event, but it’s really easy!

There are at least 20 organizations at Northwestern that are solely devoted to philanthropy. Clubs include NCDC, OASIS, and Rotaract, and I encourage you to get involved with them on your own. The largest philanthropy event that takes place here is known as Dance Marathon, a very popular, campus-wide event that happens in March. Students dance in teams for 30 hours to raise money for a specific charity. This year, Northwestern students raised a total of over a million dollars for Children’s Heart Foundation! Other events include Make a Difference Day, Oasis Outreach Day, Project Pumpkin, and Relay for Life. In order to raise money, we do lots of crazy fundraising events like Date Auction and Pie or Dye.