Firesides and Munchies

Firesides are one of the most unique experiences for students living in a Residential College at Northwestern. These open-ended and informal “talks” are given regularly in the Ayers CCI lounge and highlight everyone from some of NU’s most celebrated professors to executives of world-renowned companies.

It should be stressed that these firesides, although being held in a commerce and industry-themed residential college (we are, after all, the Ayers College of Commerce and Industry), are not confined to only being about business. The main goals of these presentations are learn something—whether it be commerce and industry-related or not, and most of all, to have fun.

For the upcoming academic year, the executive board of Ayers CCI is working to diversify the types of firesides offered to students by inviting professors from all six of Northwestern’s undergraduate schools to host firesides. Another goal for next year is to make firesides more interactive. While firesides give us the opportunity to listen to prominent Northwestern staff and faculty members as well as other popular guests (President Shapiro, Coach Fitzgerald, and even Yo-Yo Ma), we also want to give residents the chance to interact with their friends and neighbors in a learning environment (through discussions, tutorials, etc.).

We would love to hear what kind of firesides you, the residents of CCI, would like to see happen. And of course, feel free to pitch an idea to the Academic Affairs Chair if you’d like to host your own fireside! In Ayers, we all make up one incredibly diverse community united under the theme of business, so let’s make next year’s firesides reflect that!