Business Symposium

The Thomas G. Ayers Business Symposium is the premiere event of the Ayers Residential College of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). As the legacy of Thomas Ayers, one of the 20th centuries greatest philanthropists and the namesake of the Ayers residential college, the business symposium is an annual event created with the collaboration of movers and thinkers from both the corporate and academic worlds.


Each business symposium, constructed around newly organized, refreshing, and innovative themes, marries the worlds of academia and corporate practice. Academic theory on the given topic is supplemented by corporate speakers and practitioners that are recruited to educate the undergraduate and graduate audience interested in the business world, the topic at hand, or simply learning something new.

Conveniently, the structure allows for audience members to network and interact with industry and field leaders in addition to cultivating their own knowledge. The Ayers Business Symposium is the key business event at Northwestern with a historical pedigree, countless opportunities, and the passion of the ACCI community that you do not want to miss!

Past Business Symposium Topics:

Business Symposium Winter 2015: Marketing Ethics: We’re all Talk

Business Symposium Fall 2013: The Bottom Line with People in Mind

Business Symposium Fall 2012: The Growth of the Sustainable Business Strategy

Business Symposium Spring 2012: The Power of Online Marketing

Business Symposium Fall 2010: The Art of Negotiation

Business Symposium Fall 2009: Business Without Borders

Business Symposium Fall 2008: The Business of Politics