How the Point System Works

As a Residential College, Ayers CCI includes a point system. Resident are required to earn points if they desire to live in CCI the next year (and let’s face it, who doesn’t). By participating in or attending events, residents can earn points. Residents with a higher amount of points have priority for housing assignments and get to choose their room first. The more points you have, the better chance you have of getting a single, lakeview, or end room.

Upperclassmen’s points work by a multiplier system. Sophomore’s points are doubled before housing assignments, and junior’s points are tripled. The multiplier is included only after the minimum requirements are met.

Ayers has minimum requirements that residents must achieve before being allowed to return for the next year. A resident must earn at least 30 points during the fall quarter, and another 30 points during the winter quarter. In addition, one must participate in 1 philanthropy event a quarter. Failure to meet either requirement moves the student to the second round of housing selection. A student who has not met these requirements may return to CCI by submitting a short message to the Exec Board (through the president) explaining why they would like to return to CCI.


Point Values

Event Points Awarded
Attending Resboard 2
Attending Student-Run Fireside 3
Attending Professor/Guest Fireside 5
Organizing Student Fireside 5
Organizing Munchies 7
IM Player 2 per game
IM Captain 5 per sport
Philanthropy Determined by Exec. Board
Big Events (RCB Field Day,Relay for Life) 7
Biggest Events (Business Symposium,Dance Marathon) 10


For any inquiries about points, contact Tiffany Jeung at