Main Lounge
This large meeting room is the central   congregation area for events such as “Resboard”(building meetings) and firesides hosted by notable speakers and professors.
The Fishbowl
This popular common area is great place to eat, study, or do both. Its windows face east giving a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.

Piano Room
This room is home to our piano and a mini-library of commerce and industry related texts. It is accessible at any time.


Game Room Lounge
This large room is equipped with a pool table, ping pong table, vending machine, and full kitchen. Come down to participate in some friendly competition during a study break!


TV Room
The largest lake view room in the building. Several nice couches and a 60 inch cable TV for watching Game of Thrones. Watch a movie or tv, nap, or eat.



Study Lounge
This lounge is equipped with plenty of table space to study in groups or on your own. It also has a large whiteboard to work out nasty problems on or draw funny pictures.


Bike Storage
This basement storage room is a safe place to lock up your bike when you no longer need it for the winter. Residents can access the bike storage room at any time with their building key.

Laundry Facility
This basement room is equipped with 5 Wildcard/Coin operated washers and dryers. Just outside the laundry room are 2 snack/drink vending machines for your after-2am hunger needs.

Each residential floor of the building is equipped with one kitchen facility. This includes refrigerator, mini-freezer, microwave, toaster oven, boiling water tap, large sink, storage drawers and cabinets.

Computer Lab
This small lake view room houses two PC’s for residents to use. In addition, there is a printer for residents if they bring their own paper.

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